The Silent Auctions ideas Sales Machine Hiding on eBay Review

Domaineer, derived from the word Domain are people who purchase and maintain a lot of dotcom names under them. These are like people who purchased titles of lots but most of them haven’t built a house on it yet.

Domaining or the activity of Domaineers started ideas for silent auction when the monopoly of Network Systems over the registration of Domain names ended. It resulted in a reduction of cost in purchasing domain names. A lot of technical people saw the oppurtunity and capitalized on it.

A Domaineer earns by reselling the domain names under them at a much higher price usually in an auction. A special domain can fetch a huge amount sometimes more than 100,000.00 dollars. Specially for really good names. Imagine if you were able to get Coke.Com or for that matter KFC.Com. This could easily fetch you a huge amount. These Domaineers usually have more than one name under them. It’s their model or system of earning. Their Game Plan.

Being a Domaineer opens up several channels of revenue. Even if the domain name is parked. You could still monetize it by having an ad site under it.

Today, in the internet marketing world. There are news that information products, particularly ebooks will experience a slowdown. A lot of marketers are experiencing a slow down in eBook sales. Most of them are converting into viral marketing or the establishment of communities of the same interest. The primary reason for this is that the market is saturated already.

Domaineers, though in the same arena, are still calm. This is due to the fact that what they hold is the land title of the property. Which they can still sell whatever the condition of the arena. Because for them winning is not building a big site, or attracting the next 10 million users. To them success is simply holding on to the name and selling it for profit to those who enters the arena, and thus, the silent internet warrior just looks on. Waiting for the game.